Capturing your essence, telling your story

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Bread & Butter

Strength In Feathers

Emily runs 'Strength in Feathers' which offers in person wellbeing services in Cornwall as well as online. I was asked to capture some fresh imagery for her business, to share the person behind the space. We decided to photograph Emily and her beloved dog Ted of course in their favourite place on the coast. I wanted to capture her gentle and vibrant character and work with her brands colour pallet. We took a variety of natural, organic portraits and landscapes for multiple marketing purposes and social media posts.

Skyee-Anna - Music

Image refresh stock for musician and songwriter Skyee-Anna. Cornwall location.

Willow & Stone

Re-fresh website imagery for Falmouth founded brand Willow & Stone

I was commissioned by Willow & Stone Owner to capture some fresh imagery for their website of their stunning ironmongery pieces.