Creative Design & Visual Communication


Are you in need of some simple assistance for your brands social media?
  • To get your clientele more engaged
  • Re-align your brands design and visual identity
  • Get your feed looking more professional, creative and effective

I can help you take your current social media feeds and bring a fresh new design plan and selection of templates for you to jump back on board your social media marketing rhythms and find enjoyment in your social media engagement again; falling back in love with the intention of your brand all over again.

Client Brief: Bethia Naughton-Rumbo expressed her need for her social media presence to have a refresh post maternity leave. To align her business media accounts to have a more professional slant; yet still expressing her character and casual Cornish work approach. Bethia entrusted me to create some design templates for her to use when posting on her socials (mainly Instagram). I was asked if I could use Canva to design these templates, as this is the platform she wanted to use for this particular use. This did enable the templates to be easily editable for her to regularly use in her marketing, all she need to do is login to her Canva account (tweak, add in new content to these blank templates, download and post). I took inspiration from her branding identity (colours, tone of voice, character) and her new-realigning ideas and inspiration to come up with these mock ups as a first draft.

Bethia had asked for testimonial design templates so she could share clientele testimonials. Alongside a variety of other designs to incorporate a variety of images she would have to post online from a variety of client projects (who all have different visual aesthetics themselves) So I really needed visual elements which would bring each post back to Bethia's brand identity; showing off the images for her clients yet look fitting on her social media. I played around with her pink highlighter fun element, kept to blue, yellow and pink as the popping colours. Placing imagery with breathing space allows the images to stand out yet not be so cluttered. We stuck to her Canva font of choice mixed in with a playful handwritten font too for balance.

Now Bethia can step back into her amazing marketing work with a freshness to her marketing visual identity, easily and confidently.

Testimonial: " ....."

- Bethia Naughton-Rumbo